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Etymotic ER38-16 - Airline Jack Adapter

Chathura Colombage
Really handy if you are like me and spend most of your life on a plane.

Etymotic ER38-18 - Grey 3-Flanged Eartips (5 Pairs)

Chathura Colombage
These eartips, for me, are perfect and the sounds from my ER4Ps are out of this world. Highly recommend the headset BTW...

Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner and Protectant 238ml

Fernando Imbernon Sapina
Does what it says on the label. Keeps the vinyl bladder nice and supple and extend the life by many years. I have had my full floatation mattress for over 20 years....

Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Repair Kit

Ian Bonell
Thanks for the quick service. I could have drowned! I have tried a few other brands over the years but Blue Magic are the best. A repair has never failed on me unlike some others I could mention...

ETY•Plugs® HD•Safety™ Earplugs Standard Fit

Julian Birkby
These are now the gold-mark standard in our engineering company where health and ear protection is taken very seriously. As an employer my back is covered!...

Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner 250ml and Conditioner 118ml

Stephen Blank
Fast delivery and well packaged. These guys are also experts on waterbeds and have saved me a lot of money with their advice....

Etymotic ER38-18C - Grey 2-Flanged Eartips (5 Pairs) Small

Myles Davison
At last! Etymotic eartips that fit me. I have freaky ears. Thank you HTCDirect. You are the only people that sell these....

Etymotic ER38-50 - 6 Green Filters

Seng Keat Ko
Been ordering these for years from They always have the best prices and best stock of all the Etymotic accessories. I use thes on the ER4Ps as studio montors. Possible the best headsets ever....

ER20XS High-Fidelity Earplugs-Standard Fit Frost Eartip Etymotic

Roddy Dunlop
I already have the ER20s and these are just as good and look way better. No Sticky out pipe thing. I recommend these to protect your ears. Years of drumming ruined my hearing....

Ritzorri Violin Strings Full Set - 4/4 Size

Brian Hesketh
These strings give a surprisingly good tone and easily out-performs strings that cost 4 x more. It's like I have got a new violin. My fellow players will be ordering some too. ...

Blue Magic Waterbed Vinyl Cleaner 250ml and 4xConditioner 238ml

Marcel Veenink
The best brand on the market. Excellent service and quick delivery. Well Packaged. Will be ordering more....

Etymotic ER38-50MC - mc Series Replacement Filters (6 Filters)

Samuli Räikkönen
This is the only store I found in Europe that sells these filters. Brought my earphones back into life! And cheaper&FASTER than from Etymotic's own site....

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